Medical Specialty: Psychiatry / Psychology

Emphasize emotional health by helping to correct behavioral disorders, treating depression and managing persons with major thought disorders.

Psychiatry / Psychology
Adjustment Disorder & Encopresis
The patient was referred due to concerns regarding behavioral acting out as well as encopresis.
Agitation - ER Visit
Acute episode of agitation. She was complaining that she felt she might have been poisoned at her care facility.
Asperger Disorder
School reports continuing difficulties with repetitive questioning, obsession with cleanness on a daily basis, concerned about his inability to relate this well in the classroom. Asperger disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder.
Attempted Suicide - Consult
The patient is a 21-year-old Caucasian male, who attempted suicide by trying to jump from a moving car, which was being driven by his mother.
Bipolar Affective Disorder - Consult
The patient has a manic disorder, is presently psychotic with flight of ideas, tangential speech, rapid pressured speech and behavior, impulsive behavior. Bipolar affective disorder, manic state. Rule out depression.
Conversion Disorder
The patient was referred after he was hospitalized for what eventually was diagnosed as a conversion disorder.
Falls - Discharge Summary
Falls at home. Anxiety and depression. The patient had been increasingly anxious and freely admitted that she was depressed at home.
Huntington's Disease - Consult
This is a 69-year-old white woman with Huntington disease, who presents with the third suicide attempt in the past two months.
Major Depressive Disorder - IME Consult
Patient presented with significant muscle tremor, constant headaches, excessive nervousness, poor concentration, and poor ability to focus.
Mental Status Changes - Consult
Mental status changes after a fall. She sustained a concussion with postconcussive symptoms and syndrome that has resolved.
Mental Status Evaluation
Comprehensive Mental Status Evaluation for the purpose of assisting in the determination of eligibility for Disability
Neurobehavioral Assessment
Bender-Gestalt Neurological Battery and Beck testing.
Neuropsychological Evaluation
Patient demonstrated mild cognitive deficits on a neuropsychological screening evaluation during a followup appointment for stroke.
Neuropsychological Evaluation - 1
Sample for Neuropsychological Evaluation
Neuropsychological Evaluation - 2
A neuropsychological evaluation to assess neuropsychological factors, clarify areas of strength and weakness, and to assist in therapeutic program planning in light of episodes of syncope.
Neuropsychological Evaluation - 3
Patient was referred for a neuropsychological evaluation after a recent hospitalization for possible transient ischemic aphasia. Two years ago, a similar prolonged confusional spell was reported as well. A comprehensive evaluation was requested to assess current cognitive functioning and assist with diagnostic decisions and treatment planning.
Neuropsychological Evaluation - 4
The patient is a 58-year-old African-American right-handed female with 16 years of education who was referred for a neuropsychological evaluation by Dr. X. A comprehensive evaluation was requested to assess current cognitive functioning and assist with diagnostic decisions and treatment planning.
Neuropsychological Evaluation - 5
The patient comes in for a neurology consultation regarding her difficult headaches, tunnel vision, and dizziness.
The patient was referred due to a recent admission for pseudoseizures.
Psych Consult - Alcohol Withdrawal
Psychiatric consultation for alcohol withdrawal and dependance.
Psych Consult - Altered Mental Status
Psychiatric Consultation of patient with altered mental status.
Psych Consult - Anxiety
Psychiatric Consultation of patient with anxiety.
Psych Consult - Assaultive Behavior
The patient is admitted on a 72-hour involuntary treatment for dangerousness to others after repeated assaultive behaviors at Hospital Emergency Room, the morning prior to admission.
Psych Consult - Bipolar Affective Disorder
A 41-year-old African-American male with a history of bipolar affective disorder, was admitted for noncompliance to the outpatient treatment and increased mood lability.
Psych Consult - Dementia
Psychiatric Consultation of patient with dementia.
Psych Consult - Depression - 1
Psychiatric Consultation of patient with recurring depression.
Psych Consult - Depression - 2
Psychiatric Consultation of patient with major depression disorder.
Psych Consult - Lethargy
Psychiatric consultation of patient with lethargy.
Psych Consult - Pain Meds
Psychiatric consultation for management of pain medications.
Psych Consult - Paranoia
A 30-year-old white male with a history of schizophrenia, chronic paranoid, was admitted for increasing mood lability, paranoia, and agitation.
Psych Consult - Psychosis
Patient with a history of PTSD, depression, and substance abuse.
Psych Consult - Psychosis - 1
The patient was found by outpatient case manager to be unresponsive and incontinent of urine and feces at his father's home.
Psych Consult - Schizophrenia
A 45-year-old white male with a history of schizophrenia and AIDS. He was admitted for disorganized and assaultive behaviors while off all medications for the last six months.
Psych Consult - Substance abuse
Psychiatric consultation for substance abuse.
Psych H&P - 1
Psychiatric History and Physical - Patient with major depression
Psych H&P - 2
Psychiatric History and Physical - Patient with schizoaffective disorder.
Psychiatric Assessment
Psychiatric Assessment of a patient with bipolar and anxiety disorder having posttraumatic stress syndrome.
Psychiatric Consult
Psychiatric consultation has been requested as the patient has been noncompliant with treatment, leave the unit, does not return when requested, and it was unclear as to whether this is secondary to confusion or willful behavior.
Psychiatric Consult - 1
Bipolar disorder, apparently stable on medications. Mild organic brain syndrome, presumably secondary to her chronic inhalant, paint, abuse.
Psychiatric Consult - 2
She was admitted following an overdose of citalopram and warfarin. The patient has had increasing depression and has been under stress as a result of dissolution of her second marriage.
Psychiatric Discharge Summary
The patient was discharged by court as a voluntary drop by prosecution.
Psychiatric Discharge Summary - 1
Discharge summary of a patient with mood swings and oppositional and defiant behavior.
Psychiatric Discharge Summary - 2
Discharge summary of a patient with depression and high risk behavior.
Psychiatric Evaluation - 1
Patient with a long history of depression and attention deficits.
Psychiatric Evaluation - 2
Psychiatric evaluation for major depression without psychotic features.
Psychiatric Evaluation - 3
Psychiatric evaluation for ADHD, combined type.
Psychiatric Evaluation - 4
Admission Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychological Evaluation
Comprehensive Clinical Psychological Evaluation as part of a Disability Determination action.
Psychological Testing
Psychological Testing for ADHD
Psychosocial Eval - Donor
Psychosocial evaluation of kidney donor. Questions - Answers
Psychosocial Eval - Donor - 1
Psychosocial donor evaluation. Following questions are mostly involved in a psychosocial donor evaluation.
Psychosocial Eval for Kidney Transplant
Psychosocial Evaluation of patient before kidney transplant.
Recheck of ADHD Meds
A 6-year-old male with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, doing fairly well with the Adderall.