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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Neurology

Diagnosis and medical treatment of diseases and abnormalities affecting the nervous system.

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Limbic Encephalitis
Patient with a 1-year history of progressive anterograde amnesia

Lobar Holoprosencephaly
A 21-month-old male presented for delayed motor development, "jaw quivering" and "lazy eye."

Lumbar Discogram
Lumbar discogram L2-3, L3-4, L4-5, and L5-S1. Low back pain.

Lumbar Puncture
Possible CSF malignancy. This is an 83-year-old woman referred for diagnostic lumbar puncture for possible malignancy by Dr. X. The patient has gradually stopped walking even with her walker and her left arm has become gradually less functional. She is not able to use the walker because her left arm is so weak.

Lumbar Puncture - 1
Lumbar puncture with moderate sedation.

Lumbosacral Polyradiculopathy
Briefly, the patient has a lumbosacral polyradiculopathy that is temporally related to the epidural anesthesia given to her in October of 2008.

Malignant Meningioma - Consult
Problems with seizures, hemiparesis, has been to the hospital, developed C-diff, and is in the nursing home currently.

MCA Aneurysm
Patient with sudden onset dizziness and RUE clumsiness. Giant Left MCA Aneurysm.

Progressive loss of color vision OD.

Migraine without Aura - Consult
The patient with gradual onset of a headache problem, located behind both eyes.

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NOTE: These transcribed medical transcription sample reports and examples are provided by various users and are for reference purpose only. MTHelpLine does not certify accuracy and quality of sample reports. These transcribed medical transcription sample reports may include some uncommon or unusual formats; this would be due to the preference of the dictating physician. All names and dates have been changed (or removed) to keep confidentiality. Any resemblance of any type of name or date or place or anything else to real world is purely incidental.
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Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples