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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Neurosurgery

Surgery of the nervous system, including nerves, the brain or spinal cord.

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Brain Stimulator Electrode
Frontal craniotomy for placement of deep brain stimulator electrode. Microelectrode recording of deep brain structures. Intraoperative programming and assessment of device.

Cranial Vault Reconstruction
Anterior cranial vault reconstruction with fronto-orbital bar advancement.

Right-sided craniotomy for evacuation of a right frontal intracranial hemorrhage. Status post orbitozygomatic resection of a pituitary tumor with a very large intracranial component basically a very large skull-based brain tumor.

Craniotomy - Biparietal
Biparietal craniotomy, insertion of left lateral ventriculostomy, right suboccipital craniectomy and excision of tumor.

Craniotomy - Burr Hole
Right burr hole craniotomy for evacuation of subdural hematoma and placement of subdural drain.

Craniotomy - Frontal Zygomatic
Bilateral orbital frontal zygomatic craniotomy (skull base approach), bilateral orbital advancement with (C-shaped osteotomies down to the inferior orbital rim) with bilateral orbital advancement with bone grafts, bilateral forehead reconstruction with autologous graft.

Craniotomy - Frontotemporal
Right frontotemporal craniotomy and evacuation of hematoma, biopsy of membranes, microtechniques.

Craniotomy - Frontotemporal - 1
Acute left subdural hematoma. Left frontal temporal craniotomy for evacuation of acute subdural hematoma. CT imaging reveals an acute left subdural hematoma, which is hemispheric.

Craniotomy - Occipital
Occipital craniotomy, removal of large tumor using the inner hemispheric approach, stealth system operating microscope and CUSA.

Craniotomy - Retrosigmoid
Left retrosigmoid craniotomy and excision of acoustic neuroma.

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Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples