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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Orthopedic

The branch of surgery and medicine concerned with the correction or reconstruction of skeletal and spinal deformities.

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Cemented Hemiarthroplasty & Biopsy
Left hip cemented hemiarthroplasty and biopsy of the tissue from the fracture site and resected femoral head sent to the pathology for further assessment.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Followup cervical spinal stenosis. Her symptoms of right greater than left upper extremity pain, weakness, paresthesias had been worsening after an incident when she thought she had exacerbated her conditions while lifting several objects.

Cervical Spondylosis - Neuro Consult
Cervical spondylosis and kyphotic deformity. She had a nerve conduction study and a diagnosis of radiculopathy was made. She had an MRI of lumbosacral spine, which was within normal limits. She then developed a tingling sensation in the right middle toe.

Postoperative followup note - Cervicalgia, cervical radiculopathy, and difficulty swallowing status post cervical fusion C3 through C7 with lifting of the plate.

Closed ORIF - Ankle
Trimalleolar ankle fracture and dislocation right ankle. A comminuted fracture involving the lateral malleolus, as well as a medial and posterior malleolus fracture as well. Closed open reduction and internal fixation of right ankle.

Closed Reduction - 1
Right distal both-bone forearm fracture. Closed reduction under conscious sedation and application of a splint was warranted.

Closed Reduction - 2
Left distal both-bone forearm fracture. Closed reduction with splint application with use of image intensifier.

Closed Reduction Percutaneous Pinning
Closed reduction percutaneous pinning, left distal humerus. Closed type-III supracondylar fracture, left distal humerus. Tethered brachial artery, left elbow.

Closing Wedge Osteotomy
Closing wedge osteotomy, fifth metatarsal with internal screw fixation, right foot.

Lateral and plantar condylectomy, fifth left metatarsal.

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NOTE: These transcribed medical transcription sample reports and examples are provided by various users and are for reference purpose only. MTHelpLine does not certify accuracy and quality of sample reports. These transcribed medical transcription sample reports may include some uncommon or unusual formats; this would be due to the preference of the dictating physician. All names and dates have been changed (or removed) to keep confidentiality. Any resemblance of any type of name or date or place or anything else to real world is purely incidental.
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Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples