Medical Specialty: Pediatrics - Neonatal

The medical practice that deals with the development, care and diseases of children. Refers to specialists for additional care when appropriate.

Pediatrics - Neonatal
1-year-old Exam - H&P
Health maintenance exam for 1-year-old female.
A 5-month-old boy with cough
A 5-month-old boy brought by his parents because of 2 days of cough.
Asthma in a 5-year-old
Mother states he has been wheezing and coughing.
Atopic Eczema
1+ year, black female for initial evaluation of a lifelong history of atopic eczema.
Bronchoscopy - Pediatric
Flexible Bronchoscopy (pediatric)
Broviac Catheter Placement
Lumbar osteomyelitis and need for durable central intravenous access. Placement of left subclavian 4-French Broviac catheter.
Chest Closure
Delayed primary chest closure. Open chest status post modified stage 1 Norwood operation. The patient is a newborn with diagnosis of hypoplastic left heart syndrome who 48 hours prior to the current procedure has undergone a modified stage 1 Norwood operation.
Chronic Otitis Media
A 14-month-old with history of chronic recurrent episodes of otitis media, totalling 6 bouts, requiring antibiotics since birth.
Circumcision - Child
Circumcision. The child appeared to tolerate the procedure well. Care instructions were given to the parents.
Circumcision - Infant
Circumcision. Normal male phallus. The infant is without evidence of hypospadias or chordee prior to the procedure.
Circumcision - Newborn
Newborn circumcision. The penile foreskin was removed using Gomco.
Congestion - 21-day-old
Congestion, tactile temperature.
Congestion & Cough - 5-month-Old
A 5-month-old infant with cold, cough, and runny nose for 2 days. Mom states she had no fever. Her appetite was good but she was spitting up a lot.
Congestion & Fever - 2-month-old
A 2-month-old female with 1-week history of congestion and fever x2 days.
Difficulty Breathing - ER Visit
The patient is 14 months old, comes in with a chief complaint of difficulty breathing.
Discharge Summary - Respiratory Distress
A 3-year-old abrupt onset of cough and increased work of breathing.
Ear pain - Pediatric Consult
13 years old complaining about severe ear pain - Chronic otitis media.
Foreign Body - Right Nose
Questionable foreign body, right nose. Belly and back pain. Mild constipation.
Fundoplication & Gastrostomy Followup
Followup of laparoscopic fundoplication and gastrostomy. Laparoscopic fundoplication and gastrostomy was done because of the need for enteral feeding access.
Gagging - 3-year-old
Pediatric Gastroenterology - History of gagging.
Gastrostomy, a 6-week-old with feeding disorder and Down syndrome.
Goldenhar Syndrome - Discharge Summary
Gastroenteritis versus bowel obstruction, gastroesophageal reflux, Goldenhar syndrome, and anemia, probably iron deficiency.
H&P - Infant with fever
Irritable baby, 6-week-old, with fever for approximately 24 hours.
Head Injury
Head injury, anxiety, and hypertensive emergency.
Hyperbilirubinemia - 4-day-old
4-day-old with hyperbilirubinemia and heart murmur.
Infant Not Gaining Weight
A 1-month-26-day-old with failure-to-thrive. was only at her birth weight, and was noted to have murmur.
Infantile Spasms
A 10-day-old Caucasian female with bilateral arm and leg jerks, which started at day of life 1 and have occurred 6 total times since then.
Inguinal Hernia & Hydrocele Repair
Left communicating hydrocele. Left inguinal hernia and hydrocele repair. The patient is a 5-year-old young man with fluid collection in the tunica vaginalis and peritesticular space on the left side consistent with a communicating hydrocele.
Kawasaki Disease - Discharge Summary
This is a 14-month-old baby boy Caucasian who came in with presumptive diagnosis of Kawasaki with fever for more than 5 days and conjunctivitis, mild arthritis with edema, rash, resolving and with elevated neutrophils and thrombocytosis, elevated CRP and ESR.
Mastoiditis - Discharge Summary
Suspected mastoiditis ruled out, right acute otitis media, and severe ear pain resolving. The patient is an 11-year-old male who was admitted from the ER after a CT scan suggested that the child had mastoiditis.
Mediastinal Exploration
Mediastinal exploration and delayed primary chest closure. The patient is a 12-day-old infant who has undergone a modified stage I Norwood procedure with a Sano modification.
Multiple Images of Skull (Pediatric)
Skull, complete, five images.
Neonatal Consult
This is a 3-week-old, NSVD, Caucasian baby boy transferred from ABCD Memorial Hospital for rule out sepsis and possible congenital heart disease.
Neonatal Discharge Summary
The patient is an 1812 g baby boy born by vaginal delivery to a 32-year-old gravida 3, para 2 at 34 weeks of gestation. Mother had two previous C-sections.
Neonatal Discharge Summary - 1
Respiratory distress syndrome, intrauterine growth restriction, thrombocytopenia, hypoglycemia, retinal immaturity. The baby is an ex-32 weeks small for gestational age infant with birth weight 1102.
Neuroblastoma - Consult
The patient is an 11-month-old with a diagnosis of stage 2 neuroblastoma of the right adrenal gland with favorable Shimada histology and history of stage 2 left adrenal neuroblastoma, status post gross total resection.
New Onset Seizure
A 2-1/2-year-old female with history of febrile seizures, now with concern for spells of unclear etiology, but somewhat concerning for partial complex seizures and to a slightly lesser extent nonconvulsive generalized seizures.
Normal Child Exam Template
Normal child physical exam template.
Normal Newborn H&P Template
Template for History and Physical for a newborn.
Normal Newborn Infant Physical Exam
Normal newborn infant physical exam. A well-developed infant in no acute respiratory distress.
Otitis Media - Discharge Summary
Fever, otitis media, and possible sepsis.
Otitis Media - H&P
A 3-year-old female for evaluation of chronic ear infections bilateral - OM (otitis media), suppurative without spontaneous rupture. Adenoid hyperplasia bilateral.
Patent Ductus Arteriosus Ligation
Ligation (clip interruption) of patent ductus arteriosus. This premature baby with operative weight of 600 grams and evidence of persistent pulmonary over circulation and failure to thrive has been diagnosed with a large patent ductus arteriosus originating in the left-sided aortic arch.
Pediatric - Letter
9-month-old male product of a twin gestation complicated by some very mild prematurity having problems with wheezing, cough and shortness of breath over the last several months.
Pediatric Rheumatology Consult
A 7-year-old white male started to complain of pain in his fingers, elbows, and neck. This patient may have had reactive arthritis.
Pediatric Urology Letter
He continues to have abdominal pain, and he had a diuretic renal scan, which indicates no evidence of obstruction and good differential function bilaterally.
Prematurity - Discharge Summary
Prematurity, 34 weeks' gestation, now 5 days old, group B streptococcus exposure, but no sepsis, physiologic jaundice, and feeding problem.
Pulmonary Hypertension - Pediatric Consult
Increasing oxygen requirement. Baby boy has significant pulmonary hypertension.
Reactive Airway Disease
A 23-month-old girl has a history of reactive airway disease, is being treated on an outpatient basis for pneumonia, presents with cough and fever.
Rectal Bleeding - 1-year-old
Pediatric Gastroenterology - Rectal Bleeding Consult.
School Physical - 1
This patient was seen in clinic for a school physical.
School Physical - 2
Well-child check and school physical.
Septal Defect Repair
Repair of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection, ligation of patent ductus arteriosus, repair secundum type atrial septal defect (autologous pericardial patch), subtotal thymectomy, and insertion of peritoneal dialysis catheter.
Single Frontal View - Chest - Pediatric
Single frontal view of the chest. Respiratory distress. The patient has a history of malrotation.
Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)
Frontal and lateral views of the hip and pelvis.
Spinal fluid evaluation
Consult and Spinal fluid evaluation in a 15-day-old
Sports Physical - 1
Sports physical with normal growth and development.
Sports Physical - 2
Well-child check sports physical - Well child asthma with good control, allergic rhinitis.
Sports Physical - 3
Healthy checkups and sports physical - 12 years old - Healthy Tanner III male, developing normally.
Supraventricular Tachycardia - Consult
The patient is a 4-month-old who presented with supraventricular tachycardia and persistent cyanosis.
Thyroid Mass Consult
Thyroid mass diagnosed as papillary carcinoma. The patient is a 16-year-old young lady with a history of thyroid mass that is now biopsy proven as papillary. The pattern of miliary metastatic lesions in the chest is consistent with this diagnosis.
Tympanostomy & Myringotomy Tube Placement
Bilateral tympanostomy with myringotomy tube placement. The patient is a 1-year-old male with a history of chronic otitis media with effusion and conductive hearing loss refractory to outpatient medical therapy.
URI & Eustachian Congestion
Viral upper respiratory infection (URI) with sinus and eustachian congestion. Patient is a 14-year-old white female who presents with her mother complaining of a four-day history of cold symptoms consisting of nasal congestion and left ear pain.
Well-Child Check - 1
Well child - Left lacrimal duct stenosis
Well-Child Check - 2
A 9-month well-child check.
Well-Child Check - 3
A two week well-child check.
Well-Child Check - 4
1-year well child check.
Well-Child Check - 5
A well-child check with concern of some spitting up quite a bit.
Well-Child Check - 6
A 3-month well-child check.
Well-Child Check - 7
1-month-old for a healthy checkup - Well child check