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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Urology

The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the urinary tract or urogenital system.

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Cystourethroscopy & Urethral Dilation
Cystourethroscopy, urethral dilation, and bladder biopsy and fulguration. Urinary hesitancy and weak stream, urethral narrowing, mild posterior wall erythema.

Discharge Summary - Urology
Discharge Summary of a patient with hematuria, benign prostatic hyperplasia, complex renal cyst versus renal cell carcinoma, and osteoarthritis.

Discharge Summary - Urology & Nephrology
Solitary left kidney with obstruction and hypertension and chronic renal insufficiency, plus a Pseudomonas urinary tract infection.

E. Coli UTI - Followup
Recurrent urinary tract infection in a patient recently noted for another Escherichia coli urinary tract infection.

Electrofulguration - Bladder Tumor
Cystoscopy, TUR, and electrofulguration of recurrent bladder tumors.

Elevated PSA - Chart Note
Elevated PSA with nocturia and occasional daytime frequency.

Elevated PSA - H&P
Abnormal serum PSA of 16 ng/ml, dribbling urine, inability to empty bladder, nocturia, urinary hesitancy and slow urine stream.


Erectile Dysfunction - Followup
Some improvement of erectile dysfunction, on low dose of Cialis, with no side effects.

Excretory Urogram - IVP
Common Excretory Urogram - IVP template

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NOTE: These transcribed medical transcription sample reports and examples are provided by various users and are for reference purpose only. MTHelpLine does not certify accuracy and quality of sample reports. These transcribed medical transcription sample reports may include some uncommon or unusual formats; this would be due to the preference of the dictating physician. All names and dates have been changed (or removed) to keep confidentiality. Any resemblance of any type of name or date or place or anything else to real world is purely incidental.
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Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples