Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Ultrasound OB

Description: Ultrasound OB - followup for fetal growth.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

REASON FOR EXAM: Followup for fetal growth.

INTERPRETATION: Real-time exam demonstrates a single intrauterine fetus in cephalic presentation with a regular cardiac rate of 147 beats per minute documented.

BPD = 8.3 cm = 33 weeks, 4 days
HC = 30.2 cm = 33 weeks, 4 days
AC = 27.9 cm = 32 weeks, 0 days
FL = 6.4 cm = 33 weeks, 1 day

The head to abdomen circumference ratio is normal at 1.08, and the femur length to abdomen circumference ratio is normal at 23.0%. Estimated fetal weight is 2,001 grams.

The amniotic fluid volume appears normal, and the calculated index is normal for the age at 13.7 cm.

A detailed fetal anatomic exam was not performed at this setting, this being a limited exam for growth. The placenta is posterofundal and grade 2.

IMPRESSION: Single viable intrauterine pregnancy in cephalic presentation with a composite gestational age of 32 weeks, 5 days, plus or minus 17 days, giving and estimated date of confinement of 8/04/05. There has been normal progression of fetal growth compared to the two prior exams of 2/11/05 and 4/04/05. The examination of 4/04/05 questioned an echogenic focus within the left ventricle. The current examination does not demonstrate any significant persistent echogenic focus involving the left ventricle.

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