Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Echocardiogram - 1

Description: Echocardiogram was performed including 2-D and M-mode imaging.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

EXAM: Echocardiogram.

INTERPRETATION: Echocardiogram was performed including 2-D and M-mode imaging, Doppler analysis continuous wave and pulse echo outflow velocity mapping was all seen in M-mode. Cardiac chamber dimensions, left atrial enlargement 4.4 cm. Left ventricle, right ventricle, and right atrium are grossly normal. LV wall thickness and wall motion appeared normal. LV ejection fraction is estimated at 65%. Aortic root and cardiac valves appeared normal. No evidence of pericardial effusion. No evidence of intracardiac mass or thrombus. Doppler analysis outflow velocity through the aortic valve normal, inflow velocities through the mitral valve are normal. There is mild tricuspid regurgitation. Calculated pulmonary systolic pressure 42 mmHg.

1. LV Ejection fraction, estimated at 65%.
2. Mild left atrial enlargement.
3. Mild tricuspid regurgitation.
4. Mildly elevated pulmonary systolic pressure.

Keywords: radiology, lv ejection fraction, ejection fraction, tricuspid regurgitation, systolic pressure, valves, atrial, echocardiogram,