Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: CT Chest - 1

Description: CT chest with contrast.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

EXAM: CT chest with contrast.

REASON FOR EXAM: Pneumonia, chest pain, short of breath, and coughing up blood.

TECHNIQUE: Postcontrast CT chest 100 mL of Isovue-300 contrast.

FINDINGS: This study demonstrates a small region of coalescent infiltrates/consolidation in the anterior right upper lobe. There are linear fibrotic or atelectatic changes associated with this. Recommend followup to ensure resolution. There is left apical scarring. There is no pleural effusion or pneumothorax. There is lingular and right middle lobe mild atelectasis or fibrosis.

Examination of the mediastinal windows disclosed normal inferior thyroid. Cardiac and aortic contours are unremarkable aside from mild atherosclerosis. The heart is not enlarged. There is no pathologic adenopathy identified in the chest including the bilateral axillary and hilar regions.

Very limited assessment of the upper abdomen demonstrates no definite abnormalities.

There are mild degenerative changes in the thoracic spine.

1.Anterior small right upper lobe infiltrate/consolidation. Recommend followup to ensure resolution given its consolidated appearance.
2.Bilateral atelectasis versus fibrosis.

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