Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Ultrasound - Lower Extremity

Description: Bilateral lower extremity ultrasound for deep venous thrombus.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

EXAM: Bilateral lower extremity ultrasound for deep venous thrombus.

REASON FOR EXAM: Lower extremity edema bilaterally.

TECHNIQUE: Colored, grayscale, and Doppler imaging is all employed.

FINDINGS: This examination is limited. There is prominent edema bilaterally and there is large body habitus. These two limit assessment especially of the right lower extremity.

As visualized, there is no gross evidence of DVT. The right leg grayscale images are limited. No obvious clot identified on the color flow or Doppler images. The left leg is better visualized than the right, but again is limited. No definite clot is seen.

IMPRESSION: Limited study secondary to body habitus and edema. No obvious DVT as visualized.

Keywords: radiology, edema, grayscale images, deep venous thrombus, lower extremity, grayscale, doppler, ultrasound, extremity,