Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Hepatobiliary Scan

Description: Right upper quadrant pain. Nuclear medicine hepatobiliary scan. Radiopharmaceutical 6.9 mCi of Technetium-99m Choletec.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)


REASON FOR EXAM: Right upper quadrant pain.

COMPARISONS: CT of the abdomen dated 02/13/09 and ultrasound of the abdomen dated 02/13/09.

Radiopharmaceutical 6.9 mCi of Technetium-99m Choletec.

FINDINGS: Imaging obtained up to 30 minutes after the injection of radiopharmaceutical shows a normal hepatobiliary transfer time. There is normal accumulation within the gallbladder.

After the injection of 2.1 mcg of intravenous cholecystic _______, the gallbladder ejection fraction at 30 minutes was calculated to be 32% (normal is greater than 35%). The patient experienced 2/10 pain at 5 minutes after the injection of the radiopharmaceutical and the patient also complained of nausea.

1. Negative for acute cholecystitis or cystic duct obstruction.
2. Gallbladder ejection fraction just under the lower limits of normal at 32% that can be seen with very mild chronic cholecystitis.

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