Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Neurology
Sample Name: Arnold Chiari II with Syrinx

Description: MRI for Arnold Chiari II with syrinx
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

CC: Right sided numbness.

HX: 28 y/o male presented with a 3 month history of progressive right sided numbness; now anesthetic to pain. In addition, he experienced worsening balance, and episodes of aspiration while eating.

PMH: 1) Born prematurely and weighed 3#2oz., 2) Multiple episodes of aspiration pneumonia as an infant and child, 3) ASD repair age 14, 4) Left ptosis repair age 11, 5) Scoliosis, 6) Gait abnormality, 7) Poor pharyngeal reflexes.

SHX/FHX: Mainstream high school education, no mental retardation, ambulatory, works at cardboard shop for the disabled.

EXAM: Short stature. Head tilt to right.

CN: Left ptosis, decreased left nasolabial fold, decreased gag reflex bilaterally.

Motor: Full strength

Sensory: Marked hypesthesia on entire right side.

Coord: Slowed RAM on left.

Station: No drift

Gait: ND

Reflexes: 3+ throughout; Babinski signs bilaterally. 8 beat ankle clonus on right and 3 beat ankle clonus on left.

MRI: Arnold Chiari II with syrinx: Severe basilar invagination, marked compression of ventral pontomedullary junction, downward descension of cerebellar tonsils and vermis.

COURSE: Patient underwent transpalatal/pharyngeal ventral decompression of pons/medulla with resection of clivus/odontoid and tracheostomy placement. on 9/29/92. Halo vest and ring were removed 6/18/93. 6 months later his Philadelphia collar was removed. He was last seen 4/8/94 and he had mildly spastic gait with good strength and hyperreflexia throughout. His gag response had returned and he was eating without difficulty. Sensation had returned to his extremities.

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