Medical Specialty: Dentistry

Evaluate, diagnose and treat diseases, disorders and/or conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and/or the adjacent and associated structures.

Bone Impacted Tooth Removal
Dentigerous cyst, left mandible associated with full bone impacted wisdom tooth #17. Removal of benign cyst and extraction of full bone impacted tooth #17.
Bony Impacted Teeth Removal
Surgical removal of completely bony impacted teeth #1, #16, #17, and #32. Completely bony impacted teeth #1, #16, #17, and #32.
Carious Teeth Extraction
Carious teeth and periodontal disease affecting all remaining teeth and partial bony impacted tooth #32. Extraction of teeth.
Closed Reduction - Mandible Fracture
Bilateral open mandible fracture, open left angle and open symphysis fracture. Closed reduction of mandible fracture with MMF.
Dental Pain
This is a 27-year-old female who presents with a couple of days history of some dental pain. She has had increasing swelling and pain to the left lower mandible area today.
Dental Pain - Emergency Visit
Significant pain in left lower jaw.
Dental Prophylaxis
Dental prophylaxis under general anesthesia.
Dental Restoration
Dental restoration. Dental caries. Cavities have been noted by his parents and pediatrician that have been noted to be pretty severe.
Dental Restorations & Extractions
Dental restorations and extractions. Dental caries. He has had multiple severe carious lesions that warrant multiple extractions at this time.
Extraoral I&D
Left masticator space infection secondary to necrotic tooth #17. Extraoral incision and drainage of facial space infection and extraction of necrotic tooth #17.
Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation - 1
Full mouth dental rehabilitation in the operating room under general anesthesia.
Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation - 2
Full mouth dental rehabilitation in the operative room under general anesthesia.
I&D - Buccal Space Abscess
Incision and drainage of right buccal space abscess and teeth extraction.
Iliac Crest Bone Graft - Maxilla & Mandible
Autologous iliac crest bone graft to maxilla and mandible under general anesthetic. Maxillary atrophy, severe mandibular atrophy, acquired facial deformity, and masticatory dysfunction.
Jaw Pain - ER Visit
Patient started out having toothache, now radiating into his jaw and towards his left ear. Ellis type II dental fracture.
Letter - Dentistry
Letter on evaluation regarding extraction of mandibular left second molar tooth #18.
Mandible Fractures Closed Reduction
Closed reduction of mandible fractures with Erich arch bars and elastic fixation. Left angle and right body mandible fractures.
Odontogenic Abscess I&D
Left facial cellulitis and possible odontogenic abscess. Attempted incision and drainage (I&D) of odontogenic abscess.
ORIF - Mandible Fracture
Open left angle comminuted angle of mandible, 802.35, and open symphysis of mandible, 802.36. Open reduction, internal fixation (ORIF) of bilateral mandible fractures with multiple approaches, CPT code 21470, and surgical extraction of teeth #17, CPT code 41899.
ORIF Mandibular Fracture & Dental Implant Removal
Open reduction and internal fixation of left atrophic mandibular fracture, removal of failed dental implant from the left mandible. The patient fell following an episode of syncope and sustained a blunt trauma to his ribs resulting in multiple fractures and presumably also struck his mandible resulting in fracture.
Surgical Removal of Teeth
Right buccal and canine's base infection from necrotic teeth. ICD9 CODE: 528.3. Incision and drainage of multiple facial spaces; CPT Code: 40801. Surgical removal of the following teeth. The teeth numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. CPT code: 41899 and dental code 7210.
Teeth (full-mouth) Extraction
Full-mouth extraction of teeth and alveoloplasty in all four quadrants.
Teeth Extraction
Removal of cystic lesion, removal of teeth, modified Le Fort I osteotomy.
Teeth Extraction & I&D
Extraction of teeth. Incision and drainage (I&D) of left mandibular vestibular abscess adjacent to teeth #18 and #19.
Teeth Extraction & I&D - 1
Extraction of teeth #2 and #19 and incision and drainage (I&D) of intraoral and extraoral of left mandibular dental abscess.
Teeth Extraction & I&D - 2
Extraction of tooth #T and incision and drainage (I&D) of right buccal space infection. Right buccal space infection and abscess tooth #T.
Toothache - ER Visit
Patient has had multiple problems with his teeth due to extensive dental disease and has had many of his teeth pulled, now complains of new tooth pain to both upper and lower teeth on the left side for approximately three days..