Medical Specialty: Chiropractic

Speciality dealing with the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially the spine, through manipulative treatment.

Chiropractic IME - 1
Chiropractic IME with answers to questions from Insurance Company.
Chiropractic IME - 2
Chiropractic IME with old files review. Detailed Thoracic Spine Examination.
Chiropractic Initial Evaluation - 1
Chiropractic Evaluation - Patient with ankle, cervical, and thoracic sprain/strain.
Chiropractic Initial Evaluation - 2
Chiropractic Evaluation for neck and low back pain following a car accident.
Chiropractic Progress Note
Patient with hip pain, osteoarthritis, lumbar spondylosis, chronic sacroiliitis, etc.
Foot pain Consultation
Consultation for left foot pain.
Knee & Back Pain
Evaluation for chronic pain program
MRI Cervical Spine - Chiropractic Specific
MRI report Cervical Spine (Chiropractic Specific)
Neck & Back Pain
Initial evaulation - neck and back pain.
Pain Management Consult - 1
Pain management for post-laminectomy low back syndrome and radiculopathy.
Pain Management Consult - 2
Entrapment of the Superior Gluteal Nerve in the aponeurosis of the Gluteus Medius-Left.
Permanent & Stationary Report
Work restrictions and disability evaluation
Qualified Medical Evaluation Report
Qualified medical evaluation report of a patient with back pain.
Wrist Pain
Consultation for wrist pain.