Medical Specialty: Endocrinology

Treatment of diseases of the endocrine/glandular system (for example, diabetes).

Acquired Hypothyroidism Followup
Return visit to the endocrine clinic for acquired hypothyroidism, papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland status post total thyroidectomy in 1992, and diabetes mellitus.
Acute Cystitis & Diabetes Type II
The patient complaining of abdominal pain, has a long-standing history of diabetes treated with Micronase daily.
Axillary Dissection & Mass Excision
Left axillary dissection with incision and drainage of left axillary mass. Right axillary mass excision and incision and drainage. Bilateral axillary masses, rule out recurrent Hodgkin's disease.
Completion Thyroidectomy
Completion thyroidectomy with limited right paratracheal node dissection.
Diabetes Mellitus - SOAP Note - 1
Followup diabetes mellitus, type 1.
Diabetes Mellitus - SOAP Note - 2
Patient today with ongoing issues with diabetic control.
Diabetes Mellitus Followup
Return visit to the endocrine clinic for followup management of type 1 diabetes mellitus. Plan today is to make adjustments to her pump based on a total daily dose of 90 units of insulin.
Hyperthyroidism Following Pregnancy
Chief complaint of chest pain, previously diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.
Laryngectomy & Thyroid Lobectomy
Squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx. Total laryngectomy, right level 2, 3, 4 neck dissection, tracheoesophageal puncture, cricopharyngeal myotomy, right thyroid lobectomy.
Lesions - Adrenal and Pancreatic
Pancreatic and left adrenal lesions. The adrenal lesion is a small lesion, appears as if probable benign adenoma, where as the pancreatic lesion is the cystic lesion, and neoplasm could not be excluded.
Metastatic Lymphadenopathy & Thyroid Tissue Removal
Central neck reoperation with removal of residual metastatic lymphadenopathy and thyroid tissue in the central neck. Left reoperative neck dissection levels 1 and the infraclavicular fossa on the left side. Right levels 2 through 5 neck dissection and superior mediastinal dissection of lymph nodes and pretracheal dissection of lymph nodes in a previously operative field.
Post Hemithyroidectomy
The patient with left completion hemithyroidectomy and reimplantation of the left parathyroid and left sternocleidomastoid region in the inferior 1/3rd region. Papillary carcinoma of the follicular variant of the thyroid in the right lobe, status post right hemithyroidectomy.
Thyroid Mass Consult
Thyroid mass diagnosed as papillary carcinoma. The patient is a 16-year-old young lady with a history of thyroid mass that is now biopsy proven as papillary. The pattern of miliary metastatic lesions in the chest is consistent with this diagnosis.
Total thyroidectomy for goiter. Multinodular thyroid goiter with compressive symptoms and bilateral dominant thyroid nodules proven to be benign by fine needle aspiration.
Thyroidectomy - 1
Total thyroidectomy. The patient is a female with a history of Graves disease. Suppression was attempted, however, unsuccessful. She presents today with her thyroid goiter.
Total Thyroid Lumpectomy
Left thyroid mass. Left total thyroid lumpectomy. The patient with a history of a left thyroid mass nodule that was confirmed with CT scan along with thyroid uptake scan, which demonstrated a hot nodule on the left anterior pole.
Total Thyroidectomy
Total thyroidectomy with removal of substernal extension on the left. Thyroid goiter with substernal extension on the left.
Tracheostomy & Thyroid Isthmusectomy
Tracheostomy and thyroid isthmusectomy. Ventilator-dependent respiratory failure and multiple strokes.
Weight Gain and Edema
This is a 55-year-old female with weight gain and edema, as well as history of hypothyroidism. She also has a history of fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn disease, COPD, and disc disease as well as thyroid disorder.