Medical Specialty: Lab Medicine - Pathology

Laboratory medicine (also called “Clinical Pathology” by some) is a specialty in which pathologists provide testing of patient samples (usually blood or urine) in several different areas.

Lab Medicine - Pathology
Is it BNP or BMP?
Immunohistochemical Study
Specimen - Lung, left lower lobe resection. Sarcomatoid carcinoma with areas of pleomorphic/giant cell carcinoma and spindle cell carcinoma. The tumor closely approaches the pleural surface but does not invade the pleura.
Lung adenocarcinoma Path Report
Probable right upper lobe lung adenocarcinoma. Specimen is received fresh for frozen section, labeled with the patient's identification and "Right upper lobe lung".
Lung Biopsy Pathology Report
Lung, wedge biopsy right lower lobe and resection right upper lobe. Lymph node, biopsy level 2 and 4 and biopsy level 7 subcarinal. PET scan demonstrated a mass in the right upper lobe and also a mass in the right lower lobe, which were also identified by CT scan.
Lung Biopsy Pathology Report - 1
The right upper lobe wedge biopsy shows a poorly differentiated non-small cell carcinoma with a solid growth pattern and without definite glandular differentiation by light microscopy.
Pathology - Ovarian Cyst
Specimen labeled "right ovarian cyst" is received fresh for frozen section.
Pathology - Prostate
Prostate adenocarcinoma and erectile dysfunction - Pathology report.
Pathology - Sesamoid Bone
Specimen labeled "sesamoid bone left foot".